The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Thread
Photo by Tammy Byron

Friday, June 19, 2015

Welcome to the studio.
This is what the inside of my brain looks like.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A is for The Art World's Big Game Hunter, Ruth Kligman
A different black bar for bad-luck-charm Ruth 
(I like the first one best.)

Full frame of Ruth's panel.

I wish I realized my spelling mistake before I did all that quilting.
Hubba-Hubba for Joe Namath with A is for All American Stud
 "When You're a Jet...."
Full-frame Joe
Thank you to the lovely Emily at Live Free Photography for printing a gorgeous alphabet book of Joe and Company. 
Let's hear it for the hard to like but ever slender 
Wallis Simpson as our B is for Bird in a Gilded Cage
A big ol' thank you to the multi-talented Cheryl Sigouin for lending her machine embroidery charms to the project. 

 Poor poor Fatty Arbuckle as the gluttonous cautionary tale of
B is for Baccus.
Full frame 
 Have to admit the word 'Baccus' was introduced into my vocabulary by Sookie Stackhouse on HBO's 
True Blood.

 I have to admit I have a real soft spot for 
C is for Common Denominator 
Judith Campbell Exner.
 Word that got cropped out is rough.
As in 'that crew plays rough,' 
Full-frame Judy
Mental not to self -
adding the full frame shots in later was a less than ideal choice.
Wish the anonymity bar with Ring a Ding Ding was longer.
 Sorry Charlie but it's C is for Chicken Hawk for you.

Chicken Hawk Charlie with the paisley edging.

The story of Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanado 
(best last name ever.)
D is for Dead on Arrival
Still working on finishing D is for Don't Fuck with me, fellas! 
 Miss Blaze Starr as E is for Ecdyiast*
*strip-tease artist, term coined by H.L Mencken for his friend Gypsy Rose Lee.
 I think she needs embroidered star pasties.

Truman Capote's unfortunate swan-dive in Et Tu, Brute?

 The co-dependent wreck of a muse to the Quality-Lit-Set, 
Violet Trefusis, as
F is for Footnote

Sorry it's wonky and off-kilter.
Even if it's just a corner, I'm glad the silver paisley frayed edging that I searched high and low for and spent every trip in the car that I wasn't driving, fraying away at - 
finally made it into a photo.
 The morally-flexible Woody in F is for Family Values.

 The Divine Miss M as G is for Groupie.
 This may be my favorite.

First the G panel went to J. Edgar Hoover's BFF, 
Clyde Tolson with 
G is for G-Man.
There were too many 20th/21st century histories for the guys. So now we've moved on to Thomas Jefferson and 
G is for Great Men.
 Walk a wide circle ladies, Ted Hughes is 
H is for Heartbreaker.

 Yes Ted, it might be you.
This brings us to I is for...