The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Thread
Photo by Tammy Byron

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A is for The Art World's Big Game Hunter, Ruth Kligman
A different black bar for bad-luck-charm Ruth 
(I like the first one best.)

Full frame of Ruth's panel.

I wish I realized my spelling mistake before I did all that quilting.
Hubba-Hubba for Joe Namath with A is for All American Stud
 "When You're a Jet...."
Full-frame Joe
Thank you to the lovely Emily at Live Free Photography for printing a gorgeous alphabet book of Joe and Company. 
Let's hear it for the hard to like but ever slender 
Wallis Simpson as our B is for Bird in a Gilded Cage
A big ol' thank you to the multi-talented Cheryl Sigouin for lending her machine embroidery charms to the project. 

 Poor poor Fatty Arbuckle as the gluttonous cautionary tale of
B is for Baccus.
Full frame 
 Have to admit the word 'Baccus' was introduced into my vocabulary by Sookie Stackhouse on HBO's 
True Blood.

 I have to admit I have a real soft spot for 
C is for Common Denominator 
Judith Campbell Exner.
 Word that got cropped out is rough.
As in 'that crew plays rough,' 
Full-frame Judy
Mental not to self -
adding the full frame shots in later was a less than ideal choice.
Wish the anonymity bar with Ring a Ding Ding was longer.
 Sorry Charlie but it's C is for Chicken Hawk for you.

Chicken Hawk Charlie with the paisley edging.

The story of Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanado 
(best last name ever.)
D is for Dead on Arrival
Still working on finishing D is for Don't Fuck with me, fellas! 
 Miss Blaze Starr as E is for Ecdyiast*
*strip-tease artist, term coined by H.L Mencken for his friend Gypsy Rose Lee.
 I think she needs embroidered star pasties.

Truman Capote's unfortunate swan-dive in Et Tu, Brute?

 The co-dependent wreck of a muse to the Quality-Lit-Set, 
Violet Trefusis, as
F is for Footnote

Sorry it's wonky and off-kilter.
Even if it's just a corner, I'm glad the silver paisley frayed edging that I searched high and low for and spent every trip in the car that I wasn't driving, fraying away at - 
finally made it into a photo.
 The morally-flexible Woody in F is for Family Values.

 The Divine Miss M as G is for Groupie.
 This may be my favorite.

First the G panel went to J. Edgar Hoover's BFF, 
Clyde Tolson with 
G is for G-Man.
There were too many 20th/21st century histories for the guys. So now we've moved on to Thomas Jefferson and 
G is for Great Men.
 Walk a wide circle ladies, Ted Hughes is 
H is for Heartbreaker.

 Yes Ted, it might be you.
This brings us to I is for...